About us

Hello everyone and Welcome to the Ethical Partners!

My name is Artem and I am a Senior Ethics and Compliance Officer at Kyivstar (VEON Group), Ukraine.

We (myself and my colleagues) have decided to create this website as we strongly believe that (i) corruption is one the major obstacles in the successful flourishing of businesses around the world, and (ii) ethics and compliance programs is one of the most effective tools in combatting corruption by businesses.

Having been working in the area of compliance for several years and dealing with literally hundreds of companies every month, we have identified a number of trends related to compliance which provoked us to create this website. In particular, we identified that there are many companies especially amongst small and medium business in the CIS region that:

(i) do not have good clear understanding of benefits of ethical business and risks of non-compliant business.

(ii) are willing to create compliance programs but do not have necessary knowledge and resources.

(iii) do not understand the requirements and prohibitions of complex anti-corruption, economic sanctions, export controls, and other compliance-related legislation and commit inadvertent violations.

In light of that, we came out with an idea to develop a website where any company will get inspired about implementing compliance program and will be able to get necessary free instructions and tools for these purposes. Of course, we strongly believe that compliance program should not be the same for every company (one size fits all approach does not work here) as all companies face different risks, and for this reason the website provides only minimum foundational basis for creating compliance programs.

On the website, you will be able to find a step-by-step guide on creating compliance program, anti-corruption training, overview of anti-corruption legislation, compliance knowledge base (webinars, articles, videos), compliance risk map, guidelenes on screening your business partners, policies and procedures templates, and many other things.

About the founder

Artem is a Senior Ethics and Compliance Manager at Kyivstar (VEON Group) which is the 7-th largest mobile telecom operator in the world. In this role Artem was part of the team that designed and implemented compliance program at the Ukrainian OpCo of VEON (Kyivstar) and fulfilled recommendations of the US DOJ & SEC monitor as a result of VEON (form. Vimpelcom) FCPA settlement. Now, Artem is leading business partners and M&A targets due diligence, consulting on anti-corruption and sanctions compliance matters, participaing in complex risk assessments, etc. In 2020 Artem was recognized among the best employees of the company and received annual star award.

Artem is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Prior to entering law school in the United States, he obtained a law degree from the Yarsolav Mudryi National Law University of Ukraine (summa cum laude), finishing with the highest chancellor’s award for being one of the top-3 students of the university.